Our Role

The Innovators Institute is an innovation partner, strategist and catalyst for enterprises and leaders.

Our role is to inspire, nurture and accelerate innovators to drive the Innovation Economy and re-invent the world for the better.

Our Symbol

  • Our Logo comprises of a human figure, a “T” and 5 “I”s.
  • We believe that developed world is entering the 5i Economy (or Innovation Economy)┬áthat features Information, Ideas, Innovation, Imagination, and Intelligence as the core drivers of growth.
  • This new era is powered by rapidly improving Technology, which must be engineered to serve Humanity.

Our Story

  • We are a very passionate bunch of serial innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • We come from professional backgrounds in digital, green, creative and life sectors, which are the economic drivers of the 21st century.
  • We believe that the global economy is undergoing a historial metamorphosis from the Industrial system to the Innovation economy. Economies, companies, and individuals need to innovate to survive. “Imagine, Invent and Innovate” abilities will be amongst the most highly sought after, while routine middle class skills risk being disrupted by automation.
  • Yet, there is a general lack of leadership, inspiration, awareness, talent pool, skillsets, learning institutes, communities, resources on innovation. Very simply, a comprehensive ecosystem that supports innovation is missing.
  • Instead of preaching about it, we decided to take action. To develop an inclusive platform that fosters the practice, adoption, modelling and learning of innovation. For businesses, governments, professionals and students. By Innovators, For Innovators.
  • Join us in this exciting journey to re-invent the world for the better.